Thursday, January 08, 2009

Online Game Business

Greeting, last time I done profit before by selling virtual online game items or high level accounts as high as RM400. This year, I aiming for thousands profit and not that soon as I have to adept myself to this new online game and get to know more friends which are really into the game and willing to pay for it.
This new online game namely Wonderland online, I can say 60% alike TSonline which is my previous game that I aiming for profit but suddenly the game company closed the game because no profit..which make me went mad.. damnit.

An introduction about this MMORPG, this game give me chances to meet more people around the world, I already have friend from Guangzhou, Philippine, Canada, Australia and US. The game is not just about the level you have to reach to be the top, but chatting in there and sharing each other experiences which is the best part of playing MMORPG. This game is about ancient age and also robot age. So I can say this is really interesting game that I will invest my time in it haha. This game hold by game company namely IGG. From what I read in google, this company earns their profit by charging the virtual items, example a virtual item can be as expensive as RM250 per piece. No wonder the game is free to play forever lolz.

And my job is to monitoring my bot, well I didn’t click and click using my mice to kill monster to get something, but I got an automatic system which is intelligent enough to do all the job I set. Everyone know clicking and watching the game is tired, but I didn’t have to do that cause I got BOT hahaha.

P.S Sorry about the Christmas template, no time to change it yet. haha

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