Thursday, January 01, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!!

Happy New Year and be prepare to face the year of Cow. The fist thing gonna happen after 12am is the Malaysian Police start spot check the belt of the backseat of the car. Hell yeah, I fail to study hard at 2008, I hope I can put more effort in my studies in my coming exams :)
I happy with myself in 2008 even though I fail to achieve one last thing, but I understand that and I wish a better year with 2009.

A few minutes ago,
I closed my door,
Feel of sadness,
Feel of loneliness,

I closed my eyes,
Thought from the past,
No achievement I get,
No desire I owned,

The next minute,
I refresh myself,
To be a better person,
To face the new challenges,


Dota + liquor = win

My housemate, Huat Kai drunk with me

lol nothing better to do

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