Monday, January 19, 2009


Something bothering me this few days, I keep thinking if I’m a deontology or teleology type of person. But what I believe is the “end” not on the deontology’s perspective which more concern on the action been right or wrong at first place. Why am I headache myself with this moral issue in this CNY month? Damn… I think my mind keep telling me to start to know myself better before anyone else, because nobody knows me other me myself.

Bothering myself with this thing will not bring any good to me, I rather learnt through real life experiences rather than in book or virtual world. In the mean time, I will do regular exercise while I can or else my body too slim or too weak for me to go on later in life XD

Hell yeah, I’m land in Sibu last Saturday and I didn’t be inform I got another party this week lol :) . Thanks Timothy for inform me, my other friends thought I not going back to Sibu but actually I back because I feel Sibu town is more lively every year. I didn’t intend to collect “ang pao” for money (I bet the amount aren’t high because economic recession) but I want to spend time with them so I can know more about them. They know about me so well while I know them as hangout friends only..I’m feel bad. Because most people who knew me will always look for me when they have problems or doubt in computer’s thingy. I can’t help in all parts of it as I only good in certain area which I really interested at it but I would like to learn more to help as I spend hours in front of my screen every day.

Well, I always told my friends, use the Google search engine for everything,

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