Sunday, October 26, 2008

yummy ..delicious ..slurpp

My lunch today is Bolognese spaghetti. It’s been a long time since I made one back in my hometown. So last night, I bought all the ingredients like green capsicum, pork, spaghetti, prego tomato sauce (garlic and cheesy favor), a block of 250g cheese and big onions. Total of RM38.33 but worth it cause I know how to cook and cheaper than order outside.

From the picture, there's butter, sliced mushrooms, sliced pork (I marinated it with corn oil+oyster sauce+garlic+oregano leaves for overnight), chopped big onion and green capsicum and packet of spaghetti only cost RM3.59 ... so cheap I can't believe it cause my mum bought it for RM3.90 few months back.

Start of with adding butter into frying pan, then big onion together with green capsicum. After the smell became strong, add pork and mushroom and mix them well. After the meat is cook, add 2 tablespoon of red wine and oregano leaves and wait till the red wine start evaporate. After the wine evaporate, add 7-9 tablespoon of prego sauce for 3 serving. I didn't add garlic cause my prego sauce have garlic in it.

After the sauce start evaporate and smell strong, add a small bowl of milk and yet it boiled till a bit dry. In my case, I boil it for 20 mins for the mixture became more thicker and favor.

While waiting for it, prepare a boiled water + a teaspoon of salt into saucepan. Put the spaghetti into it and keep stir it when the bottom of the end became soft, juz like how the pictures look. For my spaghetti it take 15mins to cook.

After all done, juz take the spaghetti out and transfer to a bowl fill with sliced cheese and mix it till the cheese melt. Then pour the bolognese sauce + a few oregano. Perfect and start to slurp all the way till finish. :P

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