Friday, October 24, 2008

Lol at DotA

Brief description of DotA; DotA is the short form for Defense of the Ancients. DotA was just a custom map made my Eul in 2003. Then, Guinsoo took over and created the V5 of DotA. After that, Allstars 6 is just variant of classic DotA map that rewritten and maintained by IceFrog continued from the legacy Guinsoo's DotA Allstars 5.

I nvr head of the game called DotA till 2007 when my friends discussing about it and ask me to play, but I say NO cause during that time, I got my own MMORPG that I very addicted to it. I never play the game till this year July when I'm out of games to play with, so in the end I gave in myself to play.

I do some research about DotA community, most of Malaysian teenagers are addicted to it and I read some news that some ppl even fight in CC because of DotA. No doubt that game can cause aggression especially when ppl don't follow your command. I just don't understand why people take seriously about this so called DotA? It just a ordinary game with alot of characters to choose from. I agree that I'm addicted to DotA but I will not yet DotA control my life, I'm a DotA player NOT a Dotard.

Recently I manage to play some of the heroes and my friend guiding me with it. I found that most of the heroes come from well known games namely WorldofWarcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft. Butcher from diablo, venomancer from starcraft and those dwarf hero from WoW.

DotA is a custom scenario for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, based on the "Aeon of Strife" map for StarCraft (Wikipedia:Defense of the Ancients). This statement means that DotA came before the era of warcraft. It is only renamed after warcraft 3. Its funny that people say DotA is warcraft created by blizzard. How come ppl addicted to it but still don't know the background? duhzz.

Today I just manage to win the match of 1 vs 5 in 6.54b AI+ (rev.02), using the gayest hero Troll. Become beyond godlike at lv19 hahaz. Btw, I don't play -apne cause normal experience not much challenging, so I juz go with -ap.

total pawnage for the opposite team haha, kill 26 n die twice cause of gangbang.

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