Sunday, October 19, 2008

On a fine morning

Today morning, wake up feel v happy :P, then watch Black Water which my friend ask me to download it, after watching it, I feel disappointed with the storyline, quite bored cause involve small group of people only, start with 2 females and 2 males then all bites by croc then left 1 female alive in the end. The croc are not that scary nor huge lol, damn the poster which post the gigantic croc.
I made this French toast for my breakfast. My dad used to fry it for me back in the hometown. Since I can’t just waiting for it but I learnt it by myself which is better than my father through the tutorial in the google search engine haha. I love to cook and I feel very happy when people eat my food :)

Mann, I keep cook veges n noodles with small chilies (the smaller the chili the spices it goes), I’m addicted to spices food cause it give me such a “high” feeling. But after taking many spices food, must drink milk to neutralize the acid in ur stomach. Oh yeah! This coming week Sushi King offer RM2 to all color of selected plate. Must eat many lor, this will be my 2nd time to eat at sushi king, my 1st time also RM2 promotion lolz, the sushi’s food cost too luxurious for me, the cheapest RM2 to RM6 per plate which will not make me full till 10+ plates XD. I like to eat unagi and ebi fried coz they are more values and delicious compare to others haha. Well looking forward to see more new choices for this coming promotion.

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