Tuesday, October 07, 2008

LOL of the day

Been busy with the exams and assignments this few days, yet everyday keep DotA haha, especially my friends keep pulling me to play DotA. Yesterday I got surprise that I fail my accounting test 1 when I check in my Blackboard, but luckily last week my lecturer got show me my total marks, so I knew it must be error during processing. Today morning my acc lecturer tell me that my mark post in the BB got error and she said "why u didnt notified me? why not find me? don't u care about it?" and I said "I still can get it even with the error". Actually I juz fooling her around coz she is quite cheerful n adorable XD.
Next month will be my final exam :] , 5th(english),11th (Law),12th (marketing), 13th (accounting). I will be bck to Sibu, my hometown !! the night after my final paper wahaha

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