Friday, April 16, 2010

Receiving week

Today I want to talk about one online seller I never ever experience before and I had fed up with him for more than one day. I not a newbie because I had done more than 40 transactions with strangers, anonymous online user and involved around RM13,000++ biggest amount involve is RM8500+ to buy a camera. All my trades are successful without a dispute because of my deep evaluation, survey, and research skill before I made a deal. It is very important to control your EQ.. you know you don’t want to scold anyone because you are restless on that day or bad mood. We must assume we can’t understand each other situation and we try to keep the situation peacefully.

It was actually happen like this: (note: this is not a rant but my point of view about it)

Monday April 12th: I request for information about the camera model, price, shipping method and services as well as what’s bundle with it if I purchase it. He reply me the answer I waiting for. He also sends me the bank account number to proceed to next step, which is payment. Due to limitation of online transaction RM5000 per day. My friend (the one who buying it) decided to bank in to him with his brother ATM card as well which will make complete payment on the same day. But unluckily his brother card already nearly daily transfer limits which lead the payment to delay till the next day.

Tuesday April 13th: My friend and his brother complete the payment stage and waiting for his reply. The seller replied us there’s no stock for it already (canon 7D Kit 2). He also did reply me to other packages are available which is canon 7D body and canon 7D kit 1. My friends and I disappointed with this because the money is already with him (around 6600+) and he ask us to wait till next week yet he can’t answer us which date he can restock because he get from his supplier as well. My friend was tension and fill with negative thinking about the seller to con his money and on that night, he got sick and not feeling well. My friend wants to get the camera as soon as possible. Due to his impatient and insecure about the money to be on hold till next week, he changed his mind and changes the order to canon 7D Kit1 (which is more expensive). He bank the remaining money on the same day (total around 8300+) and wait for his reply. Sadly, there’s no reply after 4.30PM

Wednesday April 14th: I feel frustrated about the MIA of the seller for more than 12 hours. Can’t they check email at night before sleep? C’mon this is online business; email is very important element of it. How can someone forget to check his email for a day or 12 hours! At 10a.m he replied me that he received the full amount already and he will update us later. So I wait………………… . OMGWTFBBQ!! Unfortunately he didn’t reply or update me about anything. Hey, I did call him for 3 times on different time, morning, afternoon and night.. he didn’t answer my call and didn’t even bother to call me back, I assume he know my phone number because I did email him about my personal contact details.

Thursday April 15th: I’m very sad to see my friend sickness getting serious and serious because he can’t sleep comfortably at night due to MIA of the seller for more than 24 hours as well as no answering our phone call and email. So I try to call him again and again for more than 8 times from 8am till 10am. He didn’t answer single call from me. So I told myself this is fine, I’m not a newbie in this and I can forward this case to upper authority. However we believe this seller and assume he did post the parcel yesterday already and we went to pos laju office to enquire about it and sadly there’s no parcel for us. At 10.30am, I getting serious about this and I give him a warning message. Finally, after a hour, he call up my phone and he said “who is this”… lol wtf .. he didn’t bother to record down my number which I gave him in his email.. What the…. And he didn’t bother to say anything about MIA in 24hr until I ask wtf you didn’t send out the parcel yesterday because full payment was done on Tuesday already. Then, only he told me he is busy with the PC Fair…. For all the time I wait… Can’t he explain to me earlier if he can’t made it for me in time.. dayum this is 21st century, even mobilephone can do email and sms already if outstation and he didn’t bother to update us because he is busy all the while. So I can assume KL life is very stressful and can make someone forgetful. I refresh my email for whole evening after 5.30pm to wait for his tracking number. Sadly, I have to call him around 9pm to double confirm he had sent out my parcel and he told me he can’t give me the tracking number until he reach home. Ok.. this is getting confusing.. because if I was him, which I did, last few weeks, when my buyer paid me, I post the parcel and I sms my buyer about the tracking number instantly. At the end of the day, I did get the tracking no. and I happy with it.

Friday April 16th: Let the pictures do the talking.

He is a reputable seller and I did bought Philip product from him before and he’s fast. Why? Because last time I transfer money to him at 2pm and at 3pm he gave me the tracking number. It’s just happening to be PC Fair that makes him busy all the time and I will definitely buy from him again.

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