Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Free but not for long ...

Today I’m very happy again to help my friend sell his branded Crumpler camera bag to Kuching people.

At first, I open my online store in , and and the best of all and get the most views of my item goes to My item got over 100 views within 1 hour and been reserved by Kuching people after 2 hours, and I have competitor who selling the same model bag and same location in Kuching..haha … I just don’t have any comment to say about the seller who open for a week whereas I open less than 2 hours and got reserved n sold today. But my friend said the way I advertise my goods are more upfront and details than others.

By the way, I goin back hometown, Sibu this Friday night!!!1111… I’m so happy with my life :) , go back Sibu, my friend will drive me to new outlet to eat and not to forget free meal!!!!111111 I’m goin to be fat again hahaha..

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