Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool's Day, hmm...

Heya readers, today happen to be April Fool’s day and also Swinburne Night day for the students who participate it by purchasing the entry ticket for RM5. Sound cheap rite? and I put high expectation to the event :)

During lunch time at mannazone in swinburne, one of the casher told my friend that they will be preparing the catering for the Swinburne night and somehow I can expect the foods will be either too oily or too bland. I wish it was a joke but it’s true ….
Tonight the MC/host asked the attendees what the purpose of them here and numbers of people shout “free food”. Hell yeah, that’s the main reason I bought the ticket for… u ask me pay RM5 to listen crap? Hell no XD, Sadly, some of my friends left the event after eating the cheap food which are tasteless fried rice, super oily cabbage, overcook meat and no refill for refreshment!!! Yes we run out of water to drink.. That’s really a bad service.

Aside from the catering, the host himself like to turn left and right when on the stage and can’t bear to look at us.. either he didn’t prepare well for it OR he was force to be the MC for that nite XD

Anyway, the few good shows for that night are the wushu team, and rapping from the African students. The worst is the African 2 male dance… I really hold myself to watch it…..felt regret ..coz its just so wrong to watch them dance ._.
Btw, don’t tell lies during April Fool’s day because according to my friend, he just got rolled by his friend and he want to break the friendship for that because he took it too seriously on the April fool’s day. Consider it was not his mood to take that joke yeah XD

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