Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Swinburne - Prom Nite

Hey guys, its has been a long time I didn't update my blog.. what I going to share here is my Prom nite at Four Point Hotel. Basically, Four Point Hotel by Sheraton juz newly open and not even a year yet. Besides that,the hotel design look very familiar with the RH Hotel design in Sibu.

Ok.. the theme for that nite is Masquerade.. wonder what it is?

The rainforest ballroom is big enough to occupy roughly 100 tables. But that nite only used 40+ tables. Despite the cosplay show, haircut show, performance show, best mask show, and prom king and queen show, I like the winner of the best mask. Wonder what mask that won that nite? It is V for vendetta o Coz!!

shuffle perform in Four Point Ballroom

Ray Saloon - female catwalk and cosplay

Pei Jie perform in the ballroom.

Ray Saloon - haircut in d air

Ray Saloon - Guy Catwalk n cosplay

1st dish from Four Point Hotel by Sheraton

Great Performance


Anonymous said...

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DaViD said...

thanks for visiting, appreciate ur comment :)

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