Monday, September 07, 2009

Shop online

Everytime when I mention I bought something online, my friends will ask several questions:

1. You not afraid they will scam your money?
2. You not afraid received a faulty item?
3. You not afraid the delivery man steals the item?
4. You not regret to get something different from what you expected? Especially T-shirt quality I bought lately.

Wanna know what I answered?
O Coz I don’t want anything bad to happen and I aware of it since scamming in online world can save yourself if you are skilled. So I have to be careful and fully aware of everything around when going to deal with someone online.

Be smart when buying something online and you can even save more amount than u buy in retail shop.

1. Always check seller sales history/ successful trade list/ feedback
-this is to ensure you dealing with someone who can be trust

2. Always google search their username or bank account name.
-this is to know the history background of the person… if there’s many threatening site about that particular person, you must be aware of that person, if possible avoid dealing with them.

3. Always look for alternative sales threads which have a better offer.
-you can always look for other sales threads as a better option and bargain

4. Always ask the seller using your favorable postage company (if required).
-this is because most sellers didn’t know which companies are more efficient at your local area. As far as I know, pos laju, sure reach, and sky net deliver my items within 24hr. Whereas City-Link didn’t deliver within 24hr and yet more expensive.

5. Say Yes to OEM.
-OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) goods are way more cheaper than retail goods. Even though your items may be in a plain looking packaging but you save hundreds. However, you must aware of some OEM goods because they tend to have shortened warranty period compare to retail. I bought Genuine Microsoft Vista Basic for RM50 (OEM version) whereas the retail price is RM280 ( I save RM230 hahaha) XD

Personally I like to shop online because I can get a cheaper price compare to store nearby. I already spent RM1389 for the past 9 months. O coz I didn’t spent that amount all in my items; I also helping others who are closer to me to buy something online.

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