Friday, September 04, 2009

Unlucky to have such a lecturer..

What happen when you have an unprofessional lecturer?
I remember the first lecture I attended , I feel annoyed with her way of deliver the speech… she use some sort of underclass english like ending every sentences with leh…

During her lecture, she just sit and face cover by the monitor…then start blah blah blah… She can repeat the nonsense thing more than 10 times…which others and me leave the class in the middle of her lecture.. quite depressing every time attend her lecture because when she start to go to main topic of the chapter..she start to skip it and talk nonsense over and over..
First week is ok…full student…2nd week few ppl not attend…3rd week… less than half attend… sad aren’t?


MyF said...

hmm, i suggest you make a complaint to her manager and tell them that, you feel this is very unprofessional... they take quality of lecturers quite seriously... Good luck! (saw from nuffnang)

DaViD said...

haha thx for d suggestion..but need petition to do that... what more disappointing is that lecture have 30+ students out of 220+... the statistic shows that lecturer can't deliver what the students required to learn