Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random post #2

I realized that studying in University is not all about been profession in one significant subject but rather the journey. Such as handling different kinds of people, and utilize the available resources to the max.

I admit that I am inexperience in working world but the three weeks internship, make me realize of my misconception in my early days, I always presume that people who pursuit their study in their course or job because of their interest in that field, but it’s not. It’s all about money in the first place. I never thought of taking auditor job in the first place after I graduate, I always thought of mastering the money flow and to improve my abilities, but do I have a choice? It is hard to say.

In the modernize world, everything get competitive and tough to survive. It’s like living as a modern soldier, where wisdom is your weapon. I believe everyone who is healthy is born natural knowing nothing and they might inherit some talent. You don’t tell me you are dumb at memorizing because of other reasons. I presume reasons are just a wall around you; you put a limit to yourself. Why? Basically I think it is because of past bad experience. Else, tell me why you can read and write?

I once attend a seminar, they told me passion is what you need to have and you have to love at what you doing. I am strongly agreed, because only passion can truly motivate a person and their enthusiasm will be notice. But is this been practice? No, why? Because of money again, from what I experience from my peers, they are force to make the passion out of what they doing, even though they are not happy but they have no choice. For example, some people who like drawing but been advised by their parents to take accountancy path. If money is not the factor, will that even been happen? I believe the answer is NO.. after all, it is about been employ in the firm that they concern the most.

False passion, fake motivation, and you will see some people who posting at facebook about why they dislike Monday.

But the question is what money actually gives? There’s no doubt, its mean a lots such as security, status, and power and its sacrifice everything in exchange for it (That’s life; you have to sacrifice in order to gain). I have seen it and experience it sadly that’s how most people abuse and visions it. We are given two choices, find happiness within ourselves, and find happiness in possession.

God Bless Humanity.

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