Monday, January 10, 2011

Random post

Nowadays, most people are just getting careless about money; inflation does not affect much on these people. They are moving to the other way, what I try to say is that inflation should be change the lifestyle of household by saving or control expenses, but in this current society, it’s does not affect teenagers at all. What happen? Based on my observation, the only suitable answer is “hipster”.

Why are people chasing technology? As in buying the latest gadgets such as iphone, upgrade computer parts yet they know they have limited money and many other alternative thing to spend? Why choose to be poor by buying because of hipster when you can stay wealth by avoid this bandwagon?

The question is why finding happiness in an object rather than inner self?

How far can you explain the word “happy” in your life?

There’s actually different between rich and poor people, rich people can buy because they can and they still rich. Whereas, poor people have to go through installments, loan to join the bandwagon. What are the differences? Rich people buy because they can, and poor people buy because they want to obtain “rich status”. By common sense, why you sell your land in order to obtain something that will change other people impression on you but that “something” will depreciate in long term? Dumb?
Most rural area or small town are not affecting strongly by this hipster trend but gradually WILL in slow pace.

At the end of the day, every people have their own interest, if a person prefer phone, then he/she will spend more on that, if a person prefer car, he will spend more on that, unlike them, I love to have these baby in dream lens, omg I am so poison by it :D:D yea, that was my interest.

Going to cut my daily expenses for this drooling glass baby

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