Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taman Rimba Bukit Lima

The entrance taken from inside

Welcome board

This morning my father and I went out to the reserve forest park located in Sibu. It is difficult to reach as there no much signboard but somehow we manage to find it. Most of the people went there to exercise coz you can feel and breathe the nature surrounding, what can you expect from forest?

Well, when I keep moving on, I kind of feel like finish the track for once without questioning myself how far it is. As I keep moving, I can feel it is never end, there’s no arrow pointing, but luckily theres number mark on the wood. Unfortunately, it is mark how far have you walk, not how far before you reach the exit. Anyway it is a good exercise for my legs after sitting at home for so long. I finish the track and I can assume it is 6km.

A long journey

along the way

Trying to do macro shot

Rainbow on the bottom haha :D theres no editing in this pic except saturation color.

Global warming!!

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Thristhan said...

Beautiful photos. Don't they have animals there?

DaViD said...

thanks, theres no animal around, I expect for more interesting thing to see as I keep walking but I only see trees all the way.