Monday, November 02, 2009

Disrespect and inconsiderate

Ya.. I dislike this kind of people. What do you call a person who uses religion as a test to check you lie or not? I call that disrespect and inconsiderate, I almost can’t hold myself to give a punch to their face. What a bimbo who criticize us by the name of religion.

It was because of tonight rehearsal, the time was arranged without our approval, that’s one inconsiderate. It was start at 7.30pm and we were there at 6.50pm and wait till 8.26 only they start the rehearsal due to disorganize and late comer group members. Who to blame? I blame project manager, the PM should told everyone instead of asking others to forward message, only a lazy bum PM will act that way. When PM gets blamed, who get fired at the end? The chances more than 70% the leader/PM get fired, not us. When group members can’t work together who get blamed? The answers still depend on the leader for lack of leadership. When group members dismiss themselves, who get blamed? Still the leader fault at first.

There’s no such thing as weak leader, the word itself means you lead the people around you and if you can’t, you don’t deserve to be called and you should get replaced immediately.

But that’s not my only problem; another problem is too many “book smart” people. Let me tell you something, most of the time, a book smart can’t considerate other people feeling, they only think what best for them and others without approval from others because they thought what they did are the best for everyone. But for me, no such thing exist in my mind, you can’t never satisfy everyone, when you said you can satisfy everyone, that’s mean you only think of yourself and didn’t considerate about others.

I don’t like to rank in my blog but can’t help it because I’m not in the mood because of them.

Let me show some happiness…. I bought a black formal wear for my upcoming presentation..ya !111

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