Sunday, November 15, 2009

Full marks in Presentation and Distinction in Team showcase.

To act professional in your presentation is to using your knowledge in real life situation or daily encounter experiences. In my past, most of the lecturers like my presentation because I related it with daily encounter situations and it’s more understandable.

Tell me, who can understand every single point by listening to you; if you extract it from books without explain in your own ways.

I am not major in marketing but I understand some of the concepts: (lecturer=judge)
1. Find the background of the lecturer before you plan
2. Know your lecturer gender and age
3. Be friend to that lecturer, it will be trouble if your lecturer isn’t friendly (especially my marketing lecturer)

1.This is important because if your lecturer isn’t IT background and you said so much about IT without explaining from the most basic, your lecturer would catch the whole thing you said, which will lead to boring.
2.I not trying to be sexist here, but basically older women like kitchen, modern women more into shopping and foods. It’s hard to predict but you can find it out through your seniors.
3.Very important, if you got the above 1 and 2, and you can master the 3, then your lecturer will always give you good impression.

My lecturer and uncle told me the same thing, what you memorize and what you apply is totally differences, this is why you can easily forget what you memorize at certain period, but if you apply into real life situation, it will stay forever.

As long you do the right thing, your effort won't go into waste.


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