Friday, October 16, 2009

Apple Product Line

Apple ipod nano, Iphone and Ipod Touch marketing strategies.

Recently Apple release Ipod touch 32gb and 64gb model with extra features that didn’t include in the 8gb. If you do some research in google search about the latest ipod touch released, most of the internet user or apple’s customers will argue about the ipod touch still didn’t include the camera whereas the ipod nano had it implemented.

Let’s think in three dimensions. Ipod nano was not famous than ipod touch because of the price range. Most people who can afford ipod nano will fork out few money or wait for their salary to get ipod touch. You know iphone its expensive as 3x the price of ipod touch.

Ipod nano=portability and target for outgoing person
Ipod touch= apple itself label ipod touch as “game machine” and mainly target teenagers
iphone= music player + smart phone, target anyone who can afford to buy..its a great gadget afterall.

Let’s talk about it, why apple include camera that can capture video in ipod nano and not ipod touch? It’s simple logic for a business, if you have a product that can’t much sales as other products then you have to do something about it. So apple include camera in ipod nano, looks how many people bought it since released? I bet its more than you can imagine. Imagine if the camera implemented in ipod touch, then ipod nano will stay low in sales and apple have to stop reproduce in short time since demand=profit. Not just ipod nano will drop in sales, even iphone can be affected by it.

Remember the price range.
Well I will use Malaysia currency to explain it.
Below RM700 = ipod nano
RM700-RM1600= ipod touch 8gb,32gb,64gb
RM2300 and more = iphone3gs

Basically for normal income group, they prefer to own a look alike iphone because iphone too expensive to own for non-working people. But for the sake of camera and 2x speed of processor and more features.. they go diet for iphone. But if only Apple implemented a camera in the ipod touch, can you imagine how high is the sales for the ipod touch? I bet it can rise higher than iphone3gs and ipod nano.
Apple has good marketing strategies.

Think of your own business situation.. if Apple ask you what should they do to maintain their product line of ipod in their next upgrade. Will you ever want to implemented camera in ipod touch? Can you foresee what will happen to iphone and ipod nano sales ??

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