Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Life, full of suprise.

My timetable in Swinburne was nice, luckily there’s no big gap between the lectures and tutorials. At least I was able to be with my friends from 1st semester =.= but some of my friends move to other group which made it hard for us to meet.
These few days feel so happy. Even since I move into the rental house, I have learnt a lot which I never done before. Things like buying cooking gas, contacting boss to settle the business. Besides that, I was learnt how to save electric and water. Nevertheless, I want to save more of my pocket money by less going out randomly. Even though my neighbour is my uncle, I will not asking help from him unless it is emergency state. This is because I want to live independently, so I can experiences the adult life.
But hey, I need a side income, these few days I try to dig out something that I can earn profit from, maybe an ads like nuffnang.com lolz

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