Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eng Presentation DONE!!! happy happy

haha I juz practice last night and this morning b4 going to class. Mr Chan keep praising my presentation hehe :) , he like my style and the way I prepare my powerpoint slides its done nicely. Actually he said tat my points all are link which is very interesting to keep listen...and my slides got example of what really happening in my speech, I also keep it short and straight to point...haha. Moreover I only look 2-3 times at my slides when I almost out of idea where am I...really!! when u go infront...even the scripts I talk changed and I think its even better than the script I made !! becoz Internet is part of my hobby..so I got knowledge about it..the only problems about my presentation is my voice soft...not aggresive to fight my own points :( ..I can't believe I talk about porn in my presentation topic XD
Its a blessing that I pray bcoz there's none other than my own lecturer mark the presentation.

NO!! I still got alot of assignments T_T ...my friends push it to me coz I present already...but its ok...I like to help help help :)

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