Sunday, August 10, 2008


Lolz...whole Sarawak blackout last night, !! damnit !!! luckily I got entertainment to enjoy. My housemate and me watching Red Cliff and yes its really dark and we are like watching movie in the cinema...haha.. after finish watching , I so eager to watch the part 2, which I heard it will release this coming December..well not too sure but hope as soon as possible. Luckily the house got electric after few mins my movie end.

I'm so piss off coz the rapidshare account I buy for my brother got hacked. I don't know either the seller fault or hacker, I juz hope this won't happen again. It cost me RM20 coz my bro insist me to buy it for him so he can download files rofl but now gone liao zzz...

My dad call me, I feel so happy coz he always pamper me with everything he hav to make me happy. Anyway I looking forward to see my parents and my beloved sister on 12 August, which is this coming Tuesday =)

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