Friday, July 30, 2010

Winning Bid

Yeah! Win a bid 2 days ago in one of the infamous buy and sell website in Malaysia, which was

Bought 5 things this week, which was 3 Liquid mouse and 2 binary led watches, which was not mine at all. But I did a free service for my friends to help them to order it, include take risk.
LED binary watch
LED binary watch
Led watch showing 4.10pm
DIsco light Mouse
Youtube Video: Unboxing Disco Light in Liquid Optical Mouse

So, I want to share to you all about the possible tricks that used by the seller who sell at an auction.

Most of the time when I see a dirt cheap start price like 1 dollar (assume it worth more than 100 dollar ). Three things come into my mind, it is either promotion of the new product (which is rare), or create a duplicate account to bid own item to increase the price (using two account to bid own item to create an attention to other potential buyer), or the last trick (which is very very common use by nasty seller) triple charge you the courier service( but in some case, it is including handling and packaging).

However, when it comes to an end, no matter what tricks seller put into it, either it is dirty or cheating, it’s still a business!! Everyone want to fight, business is a war.

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