Thursday, July 29, 2010

Borneo Cultural Festival 2010

Shoot shoot shoot… from below and above their eyes level. One good thing about DSLR and EVENT is that you can go to restricted area where it is in front of the stage. There’s no barrier stopping you to shoot.

From what I learnt, there’s no time for you to move your tripod or monopod when taking photos of performances, every second counts. Continuous shooting mode is a must rather than option because you don’t want to miss a single moment. Besides that, on the crop sensor 1.6x camera body, 18mm to 200mm is a good length to capture whole stage and 200mm for the head shoulder shots. Due to the crowd, it is hard for me to keep changing lens, I rather took face shot than anything else, so I stick with my budgeted lens, canon 55-250mm IS lens.

Enjoy! Click here to view 175 pictures of BCF 2010

Location: Town Square, Nearby Wisma Sanyan, Sibu

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