Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lunch at Baba and Siam

I would like to say that this Baba and Siam Cafe (Facebook) hav good taste of food and excellent presentation which it is the most important. why? because not everyone want to have messy food even though its taste great. My friends and I order mee mamak, rice ...(cant remember), chendol ice, rocky mountain icecream, and mango.

I forget to take the pic of mee mamak but I can say that it is really big portion (can serve 3 ppls). Taste wise, I don't like at all, prefer prawn added into it to give a kick to mee mamak.

Next time I return to Baba and Siam, I will most likely to try other menu. Love the garnished to the max!!!!XD Seriously, the atmosphere quite good in there coz of the renovation and decoration.

mango dessert, presentation bring up my appetite

My friend, Khan order it, forget the dish name and the rice is really big portion and nice curry chicken drumstick XD

I love this "rocky mountain ice cream. delicious and nice presentation