Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Methodist, my unforgiven years

Today early morning my friends fetch me out, then we spent times laughing together about the jokes we made and the past we had done in our secondary school.
My teachers recognize me as my other friend, why? lol bcoz I'm fit than last time. Cikgu Fransica still adorable n cute teacher. Her lips so sweet haha keep praising ppls. It brings me alot of memories when I saw my ex teacher who taught me when I was Form 4 and Form 5. Luckily they recognize me, even some are not bcoz I was the most quiet student in class.

My ex Form teacher, which was my account teacher last time, she gave me the ACCA ceft. bcoz I score my accounting in SPM. It was to get exemption fee for CAT paper T1 and this means I can enjoy saving of 35 pounds. (YES ITS POUNDs theres alot after convert!! UK.

I got info that, 10+ ppls from my class are studying in Methodist Pilley, and 10+ in lower 6, 6+ are in Semenajung Malaysia, 2 ppls at Australia study nursing(ya its possible for art side, as long u r determination) and me the only 1 at swinburne lolz.

I so happy, thanks to my cute friend Timothy

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