Sunday, July 06, 2008

Diablo- RPG that born in me

The game that make me brave...and been in darkness was not my weakness since then. I remember I play diablo 1 like 8-9 years ago...was scared that I can't continue to play anymore... but my brother taught me alots about the games...the plan..the strategies to kill and many it was the 1st RPG game that I fear so much yet I able to finish it by the help of my brother =)

It didn't stop me there, I play Diablo 2 like 6 years ago. It so much improvement and new classes that I must try..the storyline was meaningless to me that time bcoz I not able to understand and I'm lazy I juz follow order to kill n kill till finish the game..the best class for me was sorcerer.

AND NOW, Diablo 3 announced on June 28, 2008, I can't wait to play it again!!!!!!!My friends though Diablo 2 was the last version... but I never think of that...the time I finish diablo 2...I knew there will be diablo 3...wait for 6 years and it really happen..nostalgia wasn't it?

I heard rumors it will be release end of this year,December or next year January
Diablo 3 HomePage link

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