Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crazy Nite

What a craze, last nite 7.30+pm till 12.30+am playing Left4Dead in Cozee then we went to McD open 24hour inside Airport for midnight supper. Actually I have been fast for the whole day 24 hours since Good Friday, only drinking plain water, no sweet or solid foods :)

sori timothy can't play with you, coz I really do revision that time =X

Big Mac Set and Apple Pie @ RM13.++
Big Mac Burger Yummy... :D
apple pie taste so fresh... Iuv it to the max, I wan to try banana favor but no more :(
Get another burger McDeluxe spicy @ RM8

Suddenly group of police guard come over wth?

Overall, very full after eating 2 whole burgers and 1 cup of pepsi refill XD

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