Friday, March 14, 2008

My Path to Business Foundation

What inspire me to take business course its not because its easy or making money. Its my bloodline its full of business essence. I realize it since standard 5, when I was 11 years old I was able to do buy and sell by gaining profit of RM5. After UPSR or standard 6, I have total gain of RM50. By Form 1, I was able to gain RM100 , Form 2 was RM300 and lastly Form 3 RM500. I stop after form 3 because I need to concentrate on my studies. Futhermore, I need to control the money or else I will get possessed by money. After SPM or form 5, I was able to control myself from been possessed by money. Thats how the way I prove it even if I earning alot, but still money is not everything that can fulfill my desire.

Apart from that, I was able to learn words like negotiate , deal or no deal, and take it or leave it. Moreover, I can cope with the market price. For person who are amateur like me, I think business its not about gaining profit but also get to known more variety of people, by that we can improve the products to fulfill and let them realize we can improve and never lack behind.

My idol, my inspiration is Donald Trump's The Apprentice show. I always watch this series in every seasons

I learnt few words from him but I forget to jot down it, but theres only 1 I remember till now, its NO BUSINESS IS BETTER THAT BAD BUSINESS.

Lastly thanks God for been with me all the while, my parent, my siblings and my friends. Even we are staying far apart and can't see each other often, but my mind and heart its burn with the sweet memory we spent. As long I still here, I will never forget any of you.

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